Pointr Plans
We believe that requirements will be better if everyone can contribute and thus we never charge for users. All prices are per project and only depend on amount of versions and features you want to use. We think we have an option for any team. 
per month
per month
per month
All plans include 30 days free trial. All payments are non-refundable. Prices are per project.
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What is version?
Version is a state of document you want to remember forever. When you save a new version of a graph only documents that changed get a new version. For example, when your graph has 500 documents but you changed 2 of them, saving a new version will increase your limit by 2.
Can you increase version limit? 
Yes, you can buy more versions on any plan for 10$/1000 versions. 
Do you have annual prices?
Yes, annual gets a 10% discount on all plans. 
What included in Version Control?
All plans have all the features of version control system. 
Do you have a free plan? 
No, but any project will be free until it passes the 50 versions limit.