It starts with Version Control

Product Requirements are never one-time documents. They live and evolve for many years. Documents are often entangled, depending on each other. There must be a way to answer a question "What has changed?" for any two versions of a graph. Reflecting these properties requires a more sophisticated structure than "folder-document."

We found a solution by adopting Git ideas but crafting them to support a nested structure of rich documents and work in a browser without a need for a file system. Let us introduce you to the result!

Simpler docs. Less Editing.
Structured Graph instead of long documents
Keep one document per topic. Never repeat yourself. And use bi-directional links to tie it all together. 
Automatic diffs to minimize editing
You only need to edit parts that changed. The system will build a diff of changes for you for any number of files, between any two versions you ever had. 
Never lose anything. No broken links.
We never ever delete any of your files. You can always load and read any version of your graph. You can link it into external systems, like code, project management, reports and be sure that the reader will see the same state. And if things updated since, we will notify them too. 
Focus on end-result, not on process
Since version control will detect changes automatically, you can focus on how it product will work after implementation, and not how to get there. Docs written this way are much easier to read and keep up-to-date.
Always up-to-date. By design.
Branching models to separate Actual state and work-in-progress
Thanks to branching you can isolate any work in progress in their respective project branch. Project teams will have a freedom change things as they want without confusing the rest of the team. 
Automatic Recursive Merges
Once you finished a project it takes one click to merge changes. You won't need any technical writers to update documents anymore. 
Change Notifications
If at any time scope project changed, just edit a doc. Pointr will automatically record the change, update history log, notify everyone involved with an exact snippet on what changed. Synchronizing has never been easier. 
Unlimited History and decision log down to an individual line
Pointr tracks every change up to a line, giving you when, who and why changed that line. Tracing requirements have never been easier. 
Try it now! No setup required! 
We worked hard to make Pointr accessible to everyone. It works in a browser, doesn't require installation or learning cryptic commands.
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